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Intraoral Videography This Modern technology entered the Dentistry few years ago ,We are proud that we are the first who spoke about it in JORDAN TV, It is simply a video picture .You can see your teeth in front of you on the monitor and on TV screen clearly, so that you can see the decay and understand better the treatment procedure to be done.

So by using an intra-oral camera, it gives both you and us the opportunity to view potential problems occurring in your mouth such as decay or fractured tooth.

With the help of intra-oral camera, problems can be detected earlier before you experience a toothache.

It gives the patient the opportunity to see the area before and after the treatment, also it helps the patient to view the areas that are not being cleaned well so he can improve his oral hygiene



Panorama Dental XRay (Panorex)We have recently upgraded our center with the latest model of Panoramic X-ray Machine which gives a clear picture about the teeth , roots , gums and bone.

It shows clearly any decay between the teeth any periodontal pockets and bone level , all this in few minutes.



3. Computerized Digital Radiography (CDR)

Computerized Digital Radiography (CDR)CDR differs from regular x-rays because in CDR the radiograph is taken through a computer sensor and not an x-ray film .The sensor then digitizes the image and instantly puts it on computer screen

There is no need to use a film and no need for developing the radiograph, there is no caustic chemicals or X-ray waste.

To keep the Radiation hazard to the minimum, we use in our center digital radiography that decreases the amount of exposure to x- radiation to 90% of the usual type, the radiograph shows directly on the computer so that the patient can see the problem clearly and easily.

This will minimize the patient’s worry of being exposed to radiation.



Needleless InjectorWe are proud that we are the first to introduce it to our country.

In our center we are keen that our patients overcome their fear and anxiety by decreasing the pain to a minimum. Since most patients are afraid of needle prick, we use specially for this purpose a device called Needleless Injector which sprays anesthetic solution under pressure piercing the gum so causing profound topical anesthesia in the area to be injected which makes them more relaxed and comfortable not to feel the needle prick.

5. Internet connections

We have free wireless LAN, and a multi workstation computer network with high speed internet access and a router to allow internet connections at all work stations. We can e-mail X-rays up the street or around the world directly.


6. Lasers

Dr. Amro was the first to make lectures about lasers 15 years ago.

Our center will be supplied by a laser device soon to be used in tooth drilling and periodontal treatment.

7. Sternwber

8. Panorama

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