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Dental Services

1. Prevention and Cleaning:

  • Periodic check-ups every six months.
  • Full oral examination, X-rays are taken and tooth by tooth checkup for any new decay.
  • Scaling (Cleaning) and removal of the calculus (Studies show that every 1 mm of  calculus contains 250 million organisms which cannot be removed by normal brushing) then polishing to remove any stains and the result would be normal teeth color for extra whitening result see Teeth Whitening (Bleaching).
  • Fissure sealants are recommended for non-decayed teeth (application which is applied in the fissure areas of the posterior teeth to prevent future caries).
  • Fluoride application: for Children under 13 years of age every six months period.

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2. Restorations

A. Fillings:To restore decayed tooth structures to maintain the tooth structure. We provide COMPOSITE (White) fillings and AMALGAM (silver) fillings on choice.

Amalgam Fillings Composite Fillings
AMALGAM fillings COMPOSITE fillings

B. Crown and Bridges: We offer only high-quality materials (Porcelain and Inceram). They are strong and long lasting. Special efforts are made to ensure, that they look exactly as real teeth. For more information about the technique check the FAQ.

C. Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain Veneers
  • They are very thin pieces of tooth shaped porcelain that are custom made (for shape and color) and bonded onto the front of teeth to create a beautiful and attractive smile.
  • They are used:
    • Cosmetically, to create a uniform, white, beautiful smile.
    • Crooked teeth.
    • Misshapen teeth.
    • Severely discolored or stained teeth.
    • Teeth that are too small or large.
    • Unwanted or uneven spaces.
    • Worn or chipped teeth.

D. Removable Dentures: Used mostly wherever a fixed prosthesis cannot be used, mostly for financial reasons.Dentures

E. Implants: EDC provides top-level implantology treatment with the latest technologies and all existing methods. We have a solution for every individual case! For more information about Implantology techniques see the FAQ.

Before After

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3. Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment - Step 1

We have doctors specialized in Root Canal Treatment and latest technology is used including digital X-rays and Needle-Less Injectors for a painless treatment. For information about the procedure check the FAQ.

4. Orthodontic Treatment (Braces):

Root Canal Treatment - Step 1

Our specialist is so talented and uses the latest in orthodontics. We are capable of improving your smile making it more beautiful no matter what was the situation of your teeth. Invisible and Multi-colored braces are available.

5. Surgical Operations

The center is equipped with all necessary devices and instruments needed for surgical operations like:
Impacted teeth, apicectomy, frenectomy … As for extraction of the teeth, we believe it is the last choice as we try to protect the natural teeth as much as possible.

6. Teeth Whitening (Cases)

Teeth Whitening

All whitening methods in our center are utilized to suit individual needs, consisting of materials for home whitening and several methods of professional (In-Office) whitening like Lasers and Zoom3. Read more in FAQ.

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Follow up Services

EDC - Follow Up

  • We beleive people want to keep their teeth for a lifetime and we realize it's easy to forget about setting up regular dental appointments, especially when you are not having any problems.
  • So for your health's sake and for your convenience, we will be sending you a Short Text Message (SMS) or call you to remind you that it's time for your regular checkup.
  • You can take your appointment at this page.

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